Danilo & Sharon

wedding photography artists, focused on you

a decade of building distinctive aesthetic.

Making the important bits eternal.

Capturing your happiest moments.

Showing your true self.

Ever curious about the unknown and always in seek of better.

Danilo and Sharon became a recognised brand, known for its defined aesthetic approach and bespoke photography services.

Influenced by previous fashion and advertising work, Danilo and Sharon nourished a photographic style that seduces modern brides worldwide.

The majority of the wedding and portrait work is inspired by the location and subjects themselves while keeping signature author aesthetics.

Working internationally, Danilo and Sharon photographed weddings and portraits around the world, from the busy streets of Hong Kong to historic Paris.

The studio is based in Belgrade and is led by wife and husband – Sharon and Danilo Vasic.

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Vogue ∙ British Vogue ∙ Elle ∙ Elle Decor∙ VANITY FAIR ∙ The Lane ∙ Brides ∙ Junebug ∙ Cosmopolitan ∙ Rangefinder Magazine ∙ THE WED ∙ Daily Mail ∙ Huffington Post

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Italy ∙ France ∙ Greece ∙SPAIN∙Portugal ∙ Switzerland ∙ Germany ∙ Belgium ∙ The Netherlands ∙ Austria ∙ Sweden ∙ Finland ∙ Croatia ∙ Montenegro ∙ Hong Kong ∙ Egypt ∙ Dominican Republic ∙SOUTH AFRICA ∙morocco

Awarded by

Top 30 Wedding Photographers in Europe - The Lane

30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography - Rangefinder Magazine, New York

Europe’s Best Young Wedding Photographers - Way Up North Awards, Stockholm